Human life unfolds itself between two infinite giants: before and after. Two undifferentiated and obscure zones that José Miguel Vitorino and Patrícia Couveiro are seeking to break - as Marguerite Yourcenar said: these “frontiers of nothingness and silence” - and in the meantime looking out for what really allows us to see ourselves completely naked, regardless the century or era.

Through a interdisciplinary crossing between Archeology, Ecology, History and Performing Arts, Perpetual Strangers is an embranchment: the remains of the past that awaken the imagination to tell our story, the intimacy of the other and the history of which we are now part of, allowing us to imagine the traces of the future, our future. We will have to choose the materials of the ruin: stone or plastic, but the destination is the same - to decode temporality and brake its silence.


Creation and performed by
Patrícia Couveiro and José Miguel Vitorino

We are two performing art creators that know each other for some time and we both share the fascination and pleasure of scientific and artistic discovery as a driving force and we believe in Art involved with other uncommon disciplines of knowledge. Recently we realized that we had the same enthusiasm and the same starting point for a project, which is why we decided to join and create Perpetual Strangers as an artistic encounter, sharing our questions, concerns, intimacy and secrets.

José Miguel Vitorino e Patricia Couveiro