Sometimes, there are machines, gears and systems so large and complex that may seem impossible to stop, even when most people think we would live much better with them. The truth is that sometimes all it takes is a particle smaller than a speck of dust (uma partícula mais pequena do que um grão de pó) to stop all the machines in the world. Has this ever happened, perhaps? Let's imagine that it might have happened. And let us also imagine the silence right after everything stops. Would that truly be silence? What other sounds or voices would be hidden in this machinery silence? What languages would be spoken and what would they say?

16 December, 16h00

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> 6 years old

This show is integrated in our Cycle for All Families.
Free tickets via text to +351 913 699 891. 

© Bruno Simão
© Bruno Simão
© Bruno Simão
© Bruno Simão


Artistic Direction
Sofia Dias e Vítor Roriz

Francisca Pinto, Lucas Damiani e Victor Lattaque

Sofia Dias

Light Design and Technical Direction
Nuno Borda D’Água

Filipe Pereira

Scenography collaboration
Catarina Dias

Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz

Teatro Luiz de Camões LU.CA (Lisboa), Teatro Viriato (Viseu), Teatro Municipal do Porto, Cineteatro Louletano (Loulé), A Oficina (Guimarães), O Espaço do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo).

Residency Support
Forum Dança (Lisboa), Fundação Champalimaud (Lisboa) - Artistas residentes 2023/24, Pro.Dança (Lisboa)

Centro Cultural de Belém (Lisboa)

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

Administration SD&VR
Cátia Mateus

Diffusion SD&VR
Sylvie Becquet

© Joana Linda

Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz are a duo of artists collaborating since 2006. The hybrid nature of their research, connected to a strong curiosity and need for experimentation, led them to the create several shows, performances, videos, podcasts and instalations, crossing different contexts and blurring limits between artistic fields. Their performances conceived for stage, summon up a particular choreographic language in relation to text and voice, as manifested in the pieces "A gesture that is nothing but a threat", 2011 (Prix Jardin d'Europe and 1st Aerowaves Spring Forward) and "What does not happen", 2018, both still touring. As a duo, they were invited to collaborate with several artists, such as Catarina Dias, Lilia Mestre, Lara Torres, Gonçalo Waddington and Carla Maciel, Marco Martins and Clara Andermatt, Marco Martins, Mark Tompkins, Tim Etchells, Felipe Hirsch (Opera Orphée). Since the beginning of their collaboration they are supported by many different structures: O Espaço do Tempo, Bomba Suicida and Materiais Diversos. Along these years they have enjoyed the significant support of the European networks Looping, TRANSFER, Aerowaves, Open Latitudes, Modul Dance, ONDA and Départs. 

Uma partícula mais pequena do que um grão de pó