17--, above the village of Chamounix, Switzerland, the Creature tells it's story to it's creator. 1818, England, Mary Shelley publishes Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus. 1995, San Francisco, Susan Stryker writes My Words to Victor Frankenstein above the Village of Chamounix – Performing Transgender Rage. In 2025, Portugal, a trans artist sees herself part of all this. All of this, parts. All parted. All together.


Direction and Text
Alice Azevedo

Cárin Geada

Daniela Cardante

to be defined

to be defined

Alice Azevedo, Eduarda Arryaga, Gaya Medeiros, Lila Tiago, Vítor Silva Costa, another person to be defined

São Luiz Teatro Municipal

Co-Production in Residency
Espaço do Tempo

© Ana Viotti

Actress and director. Her most recent production is If you aren't a Lesbian, what's your name?, presented in TBA in 2024. In 2023, she directed Nau Nau Maria, a co-production with TNDMII. In 2022, she created the piece Sodom's Literature and Safo's too, If You'd Please, as well as the monologue I'm Just Gonna Talk. As an actress, she's worked with Teresa Coutinho and Cristina Carvalhal. She thinks a lot, writes occasionally, has lived in Paris and has worked in a call-center.

Alice Azevedo / Causas Comuns