The cross-disciplinary project Corpo, created by Ana Luena & José Miguel Soares and Nuno Nolasco, explores questions of identity in relation to the body as other. However, the body is not merely a body, it changes with the evolution of culture, science, technology and artificial intelligence. Filipa Leal created the original text that serves as the show's dramaturgy during a writing residency in Évora. The Slowness of the World. Three bodies, three voices, three times. Three characters whose bodies contain several bodies, in a game of identities that change in their relationship with each other, in their relationship with life itself, moving forward more or less intensely, more or less painfully, more or less slowly.

21 June, 19h00

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› 55 min.
› 14 years old

Free entry upon reservation via text to [+351] 913 699 891 or to info[a]


Ana Luena & José Miguel Soares

Original Script
Filipa Leal (Residência de escrita Ilha Corpo)

Staging, co-creation and Interpretation
Nuno Nolasco

Music and Interpretation
Mariana Ramos Correia

Voice-off Interpretation
Carlos Paiva, Diogo Bach, Erica Rodrigues

Scenic Space and Costumes
Ana Luena

José Miguel Soares

Internship in Executive Production and Communication
Sandra Teixeira

Graphic Design
Joana Areal

Malvada - Associação Artística

Co-production Residency 
O Espaço do Tempo

União das Freguesias de Évora (Centro Histórico de Évora), Junta de Freguesia dos Canaviais, União de Freguesias do Bacelo e Senhora da Saúde, União de Freguesias da Malagueira e Horta das Figueiras, Sociedade União Eborense - Bota Rasa, cofinanciado por IEFP, União Europeia

Malvada Associação Artística is a structure financed by REPÚBLICA PORTUGUESA - CULTURA / DIREÇÃO-GERAL DAS ARTES with the support of MUNICÍPIO DE ÉVORA

Founded in 2018 by Ana Luena & José Miguel Soares, Malvada’s purpose is to bring to life creation projects which scope different knowledge and art fields, frequently mixing disciplines such as photography, video, literature, music, theatre and performance. Malvada promotes activities of artistic creation and reception, involving the community through active participation in mediation activities, educational service, accessibility, and social inclusion.

Malvada Associação Artística