“What can man’s wisdom
In the restoring his bereaved sense?”
Cordelia, in O Rei Lear, William Shakespeare

As soon as you enter, you start. It's barely gone, it's not over yet.

Going through a show of Vânia Rovisco is like running in all directions and finding the entire universe in a pore of skin.

It is recognizing through repetition, continuing to cohabit, the unfolding between four dignities: standing, lying down, sitting, walking a path. Four ways to fully be ourselves: Rovisco looks for what makes us feel at home in our bodies and what makes us travel the world. Asking about what afflicts, moves, dislocates, agitates, consoles. Questioning the regular gesture of stepping on the floor.

How do we move between tasks, and between senses if we are 23 years old, 5 years old, 47, 64?

What is it like to love, create, fail, diverge, listen or stop as action and as word? Where can’t they meet? Where and how do they merge?

Vânia Rovisco invites us to an immersive experience where each person is a fundamental piece of the wheel they choose.


Creation and interpretation
Vânia Rovisco

Márcio Kerber Canabarro and Luís Meneses

Text and Dramaturgy
Patrícia Portela

Dramaturgy support
Zé Luís C.

Creation support
Meg Stuart and Maria João Garcia

Scenic space
Janis Dellarte

Scenic space support
Joana Pinto Oliveira

Light design
Daniel Worm

Light design support
Vânia Rovisco

Music/Sound design
Baltazar Moreira and Marcus Rovisco

Raquel Melgue

Rita Karayianni

Inês Nogueira

Text (process)
Luana Monteiro

Production Direction
Maria João Garcia

Pirilampo Artes, São Luiz Teatro Municipal

Co-production residency
O Espaço do Tempo

Actual Arquitectura da Cultura - AADK Portugal, A Gráfica - Centro de Criação Artística, Bóia, Casa da Dança - Almada, Materiais Diversos 

Project financed by República Portuguesa - Cultura | Direção-Geral das Artes

© Alípio Padilha

Contemporary Dance Interpreters Course at Forum Dança (1998-2000). Worked as a performer with Meg Stuart, Helena Waldman, Gordon Monahan and Vera Mantero, amongst others. Creates live installations and performances since 2007. Teaches, coaches and directs movement in various projects. Curated the 3rd PACAP at Fórum Dança (2019). Founder of the artistic platform AADK Portugal, in 2021 she began to establish a space that hosts various artistic disciplines and practices - The Plot

Vânia Rovisco / AADK Portugal