At the restart of a journey that has already been long, Ivaldi yearns and despairs for Paradise while hesitating because her feet feel heavy where they are. She looks upward, because the landscape is not enough anymore, and the outlines simply poof! The Satyr challenged Apollo, was defeated in a musical competition, lost, and was skinned alive by the Gods. ***ICONA is the third and final part of the triptych that arises from Silvana Ivaldi's appropriation of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy. The previous episodes - DOLCE STILL NUOVO [2020] and HAZE GAZE [2022] - were created based on the chapters Hell and Purgatory, respectively.


Artistic direction and performance
Silvana Ivaldi

Sound design and performance
Bruno Pereira

Light design and performance
Gonçalo Alegria

Creation support
Pedro Barreiro

Movement support
Leonor Lopes

Dramaturgical support
Ricardo B. Marques

Filipe Baptista

Costume Design
Bárbara Felicidade

Artistic Interlocutors
Carmo Gê Pereira, Diana Niepce, Rezmorah and Sara da Graça

Project funded by the República Portuguesa – Cultura I DGARTES – Direção-Geral das Artes

Festival Pedra Dura

Co-production in residency
O Espaço do Tempo

Rua das Gaivotas 6 / Teatro Praga; Cão Solteiro.residências120; Ajidanha; Terceira Pessoa; Teatro Ibisco; Biblioteca de Marvila; 23 Milhas

© Filipe Correia

As an artist she uses the heterogeneity of her background to explore and create poetic forms through visual, performative and spectacular mediums. She has been active in theater and performance since 2009, as a creator, performer, dramaturg and costume designer. She also works with cinema and graphic design. At the moment, among other things, she is preparing the last part of the trilogy she started in 2020 - Icona. Founder of Sr. João and Activo Tóxico and an associate artist of Cão Solteiro.

Silvana Ivaldi