In Um Quarto só para Si (A Room just for You), we propose an overlapping of ways of organizing space and bodies in theater with those in architecture, believing that experimenting with different models of construction – of show and of buildings – is an imagination exercise of possible societies. We pose a material hypothesis: how to design a building that allows for the permanent emancipation of the bodies that inhabit it, while giving them back the possibility of a joint existence?

Public Program

17 May, 21h30
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Creation (silentparty)
Emanuel Santos, Mafalda Banquart, Tiago Araújo e Tiago Jácome

Scenic Space and Dramaturgical Support
Maria Trabulo

Vitor Freitas

Light Design
Pedro Nabais

Rita Eustáquio

Joana Mesquita

silentparty is composed of Mafalda Banquart, Emanuel Santos, Tiago Araújo and Tiago Jácome. These creators banded together after completing Recurso (Recourse) – a theatrical creation course developed by Estrutura, mala voadora and José Maria Vieira Mendes, in 2018, in Oporto – with the manifesta project. Despite there being a constant change in authorship in the collective’s shows, the other members always cooperate, by taking up different positions, such as playwriting support, sound design, writing or production. This aspect, as well as the heterogeneity of resulting projects, constitute a touchstone of this collective’s work. Following manifesta, in 2019, they collaborated with Joana Mont’Alverne in Desfile Provisório (Provisional Parade), mala voadora, and the publication entitled Desfile de textos (Parade of texts), coordinated by Mafalda Banquart and Emanuel Santos. Also in 2019, Ímpar (Rua das Gaivotas 6 and Espaço do Tempo, YEP), by Mafalda Banquart and Tiago Jácome, was premiered. In 2021, IMPARidades (“*UNEQUALities”) (Armazém 22, Gulbenkian, GDA, Estrutura, DGArtes) premiered. In 2022, Tiago Araújo and Tiago Jácome were awarded grants by the “Reclamar Tempo” [“Claim(ing) Time”] (programme (TMP), with the “JUKEBOX” and “All You Need Is All” research projects, respectively, the show “What Plato Said To Ariana Grande” (DGArtes, TMP), by Mafalda Banquart and Emanuel Santos, premiered at the Campo Alegre Theatre, after its development as a part of “Reclamar Tempo” [“Claim(ing) Time”], in 2021 and the installation for the “my technological pets” project by Mafalda Banquart premiered at the TNDMII. Presently, they are developing the project “Um Quarto Só Para Si” (“A Room of One’s Own”), in the context of “Projeto CASA” [“Project Home”] (CCVF, O Espaço do Tempo, Cineteatro Louletano).