Retrospective is the project that marks the 20 years since the premiere of Rogério Nuno Costa's triptych of performances-for-unusual-spaces Vou A Tua Casa (2003), as well as the educational, curatorial, academic and gastronomic (un)disciplined projects that followed, doing so in a more critical than celebratory way. Lasting three years (2023-2025), the program includes the production of three publications and a series of reenactments, experimental laboratories, conversations and lecture-performances, among other para-artistic and pedagogical activities with the main goal of revisiting and deepening themes , concepts and operations previously explored in past projects, at the same time broadening their scope, while predicting other priorities, agencies and politics of collaboration. The complete reactivation of a 20-year cross-disciplinary archive will additionally intersect the construction of a brand new conceptual and performative edifice, concluding with the creation of a new (anti-)performance in 2025. In this rewriting of a memorial narrative around the accidentality of a trajectory, issues such as intimacy, privacy, representation, co-participation, memory, authorship, commitment, autobiography, domesticity and relationality, obsessively elaborated within Vou A Tua Casa trilogy, will now be re-mapped and re-analized. To speculate on a body of work's relevance and continuity will eventually dictate the urge for speculating on its expiry as well. A trajectory and its negative. Maybe its end.


Artistic and Editorial Direction
Rogério Nuno Costa

Jani Nummela

Festival Citemor

Edition Support
Teatro Praga / Sistema Solar edition (chancela ed .______)

Co-Production in Residency
O Espaço do Tempo (Associated Artist)

Support and Partnerships
Teatro Académico Gil Vicente, Festival New Theatre Helsinki, Post Theatre Collective, Galeria Municipal de Arte de Almada, Circular – Festival de Artes Performativas de Vila do Conde, Associação Bóia/Festival Paragem, Festival END, Centro em Movimento, Estrutura, Cia. Inestética/Residências no Palácio, STAGES - Sustainable Theatre Alliance for a Green Environmental Shift, Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, Associação Parasita, Université Paris Nanterre, Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte, Associação Prado, Rua das Gaivotas 6, Universidad de Coimbra, Universidade Católica do Porto, Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto, Visões Úteis, Escola Superior de Media Artes e Design (Politécnico do Porto).

© Luisa Cativo

Rogério Nuno Costa (1978) is a performer, theatre director, writer, researcher, pedagogue and curator. He lives and works between Portugal and Finland, developing para-artistic and documentary work of a hybrid and cross-disciplinary nature. His pieces explore and problematize the fields of performing arts and literature at their intersections with philosophy, art theory and social and communication sciences. He collaborates with several artists as dramaturg and editorial coordinator.

Rogério Nuno Costa