Hei-de reparar. is a theatrical research on portuguese theatre, based in the lifes and stories of actresses from the XIXth and XXth centuries. The project aims at looking at the history of women in theatre, trying to understand our own place as artists today.


Artistic Direction and Text
Raquel S.

Performance and co-criation
Maria Jorge

Production manager
Inês Maia | Pé de Cabra

Set and Costume design
Pedro Azevedo


Image and Comunication
Nuno Matos

a Noitarder - Associação Cultural production

Coproduced by
Braga 25 Capital Portuguesa da Cultura

Project financed by
República Portuguesa and Direção Geral das Artes

Artistic Residence in Mina de S. Domingos with the support of Companhia Cêpa Torta

Artistic Residencies O Espaço do Tempo e CAMPUS - Paulo Cunha e Silva

© Guedes

Raquel S. is a director and playwright based in Porto. She develops her work in Noitarder, established in 2018 that aims at crossing theatre, literature and philosophy, where she directed Longe (2018), amor.demónio (2021), Ruído (2021), Cadernos de (2022) and DESCANSAR (2023). She was one of the playwrights selected in École des Maîtres 2020, where she wrote CARNE. She also writes and directs theatre for other artists and companies, writes essays and other texts and teaches Dramaturgy.

Raquel S. / Noitarder