IMERSÃO is an annual interdisciplinary project that presents itself as a laboratory for artistic creation aimed at LGBTQI+ emerging artists.

In the 2023/24 season, IMERSÃO aims not only to empower artists and enhance their self-sufficiency but also to examine art and the surrounding environment. It is necessary to decentralize art and artists, promoting community exchange. IMERSÃO 2024 will have this concern and will challenge emerging artists to consider their work outside the capital or major urban centers. We work with LGBTQI+ emerging artists to support their initial steps into the art market. These artists create common pieces that do not have to be related to the LGBTQI+ universe. The orientation and/or identity of these artists doesn’t have to define their work; they are capable and talented individuals who can work on any theme and in different contexts.

© Bruna Buniotto
© Bruna Buniotto
© Bruna Buniotto
© Bruna Buniotto
© Bruna Buniotto


Coordination and production
Queer Art Lab / Trumps

Gaya de Medeiros

Lighting and set design mentorship
Tiago Cadete

Residency support
Estúdios Victor Cordon, Olga Roriz, A Parasita

Co-production in residency
O Espaço do Tempo

Queer Art Lab is a a training, empowerment, and support platform targeted at LGBTQI+ artists. It emerged in 2021 within the Trumps company, which also lends its name to a nightclub that has embraced Príncipe Real in Lisbon for 42 years. Queer Art Lab has an inherent plasticity and, based on active listening to the community and current creativity, explores new means and forms to achieve measurable success in the art market.

Queer Art Lab