Toda a Luz do Meio-Dia is the second part of A Trilogia do Sol (the trilogy of the sun), preceded by Apocalipsis entre amigos ou simplesmente o dia. This trilogy is an investigation about the imaginary around the solar light and its obscurities. Toda a Luz do Meio-Dia is a work focused on the 12:00am, about the zenith light of the sun and all of its associated mythology. 

Public Program

10 - 11 November
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Direction, concept and script
Julián Pacomio

Co-creation and Performers
Bibi Dória, Bruno Brandolino and Julián Pacomio

Accompaniment and dramaturgy
Carolina Campos

Light and Scenic Space Design
Santiago Rodríguez Tricot and Víctor Colmenero Mir

Nina Botkay

Papillons d’éternité (Tânia Carvalho e Matthieu Ehrlacher)

External Eye
Márcia Lança

Financial Management
VAGAR / Daniela Ribeiro

Graphic Design
Blanca G. Terán

Photography and Video
Aline Belfort

Bolsas de Criação O Espaço do Tempo. BPI e Fundação “la Caixa”

Project Support
Criação (DGartes). Ayudas a la creación en artes visuales (Comunidad de Madrid)

PISCINA (Lisboa), Forum Dança (Lisboa), Residências Paraíso (Galicia), La Nave del Duende (Cáceres), La Poderosa (Barcelona) e Desfoga (Galicia)

Thanks to
Ángela Millano, Matías Daporta, DJ Foguinho, Meiga and all the artists at PISCINA (Lisboa)

Artist, performer and curator. His performance arts works explore the idea of copying, remaking, translating and appropriation of foreign materials. Since 2018 he collaborates with the choreographer Ángela Millano in the research project Asleep Images, which incluides the pieces Make It, Don’t Fake It (2019), PSYCHO (2020) and Point para la Fantasía (2022). Others works by Pacomio include Apocalylse among friends or simply the day (2021), El mundo bajo el mundo (2017), Espacio Hacedor (2016) or o My Turin Horse (2012). He works with choreographers such as João Fiadeiro (PT), Carolina Campos (BR), Luis Garay (CO), Daniel Pizamiglio (BR-PT) Gustavo Ciríaco (BR-PT), Nazario Díaz (ES), Luis Moreno Zamorano (Cl) or Annika Pannitto (IT-ES), among others. His projects have been shown in contexts such as Museo Reina Sofía (Madrid), La Casa Encendida (Madrid), CentroCentro (Madrid), Matadero (Madrid), CA2M (Móstoles), Tabakalera (San Sebastián), Azkuna Zentroa (Bilbao), Festival BAD (Bilbao), La Caldera (Barcelona), Graner (Barcelona), La Capella (Barcelona), Festival Sâlmon (Barcelona), IVAM (Valencia), Museo del Chopo (CDMX), CCE (Montevideo), Temps d’ Images (Lisboa), TBA (Lisboa), Atelier Real (Lisboa), O Rumo do Fumo (Lisboa), Desfoga (Cambados) y S’ALA (Sassari).
Since 2023 he is co-founder and curator of the NOVO FESTIVAL (Visual Arts, Performance and Critical Thinking) at the Foco Gallery in Lisbon. In 2020, he curated NO NO NO SOLO SOLO NO, a series of performances for INJUVE’s Sala Amadís (Madrid). In 2021, he curated the exhibition Contemplate an Unstable Surface, winner of the Inèdits 2021 call at La Casa Encendida, alongside Ignacio de Antonio Antón (ES), an exhibition on choreography, performance, cinema and visual arts. Since 2016 he has been part of the Bullshit living arts collective, developing the Bullshit MEX (Mexico City) and Bullshit UY (Montevideo) festivals. Since 2017 she has been part of the Atelier Real collective in Lisbon, directed by João Fiadeiro. BFA University of Salamanca Spain. He holds a Master’s Degree in Arts Practice and Visual Culture from the University of Alcalá and Artea in collaboration with the Museo Reina Sofía, La Casa Encendida and Matadero Madrid. Between 2015 and 2017 he participated in the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía’s Advanced Studies in Critical Practices programme organised by Artea. In 2020, he is attending at Forum Dança PACAP (Performing Arts Advanced Program)  curated by João Dos Santos Martins in Lisbon.

Julián Pacomio