“Campo Força Chama” (Flame Force Field) speaks from somewhere in the past, about a gesture that today will be the future. There is this field of ours, a ground. A place that harbours things, and also emanates, heats and flames. Sometimes this is like running into a bear. They say that a human-bear and a bear-human hybrid will be born from this process. We are these bear-bite-dances. Whoever arrives may also be attracted, bitten, and perhaps also be transformed into a hybrid. We move uninterruptedly, and are here because it must always be simultaneous, something that can only be generated when, and if, it occurs at the same time. As we accompany each other, we start to pulse. We have long forgotten how, and therefore in this case remembering must be a gesture of all invention.

Public Program

8 - 9 September
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Direction and Concept
Josefa Pereira

Creation and Performance
Josefa Pereira, Natália Mendonça, Nina Botkay, Vânia Doutel Vaz


Thoughts and practices of body preparation
Danielli Mendes

Nina Botkay

Sound design

Light and technical direction
Ana Carocinho

Photo and video
Pati Black

Promotional Image
Gabriela Giffoni

Investigation collaborators
Pati Black, Maura Grimaldi

Carolina Goulart, Sinara Suzin e Amandi

Parasita Associação

Vitor George, Paixão, Isabel e Gracinda, Azul, Bruno Caracol, Gabriela Giffoni, Henrique Entratice, Leticia Skrycky, Luciana Chieregati, Carolina Campos, Lysandra Domingues, Julia Feldens e Casa Líquida

O Espaço do Tempo (PT), La Caldera (ES), Futurama (PT) e Baal_17

O Espaço do Tempo, A Oficina e Cineteatro Louletano, no âmbito do Projecto CASA.

Josefa Pereira (BR/PT) is choreographer and performer. She resides in Lisbon and lives between collaborations in the local scene and partnerships in São Paulo, the city where she grew up. She completed her Master’s degree in DAS Choreography – AHK (NL) as a scholar of the Gulbenkian Foundation and graduated in dance and performance at Comunição das Artes do Corpo (PUC-SP) as a scholarship recipient of the PROUNI program. She also participated in PACAP I, promoted by Forum Dança (PT).

Her most recent artistic practice is defined by some orbiting interests around monstrosity, fantastic, and fabulation. Among her notable works are Mandíbula and Égua in partnership with artist Patrícia Bergantin, and as a creator in Monstra directed by Elisabete Finger and Manuela Eichner. Recent collaborations include Ruído Rosa by Alina Ruiz Foline; As Canções que Catamos Contra os Muros que Limpamos with Catarina Vieira and Aixa Fagini; Spillovers by Rita Natálio; and dramaturgy for O Elefante no Meio da Sala by Vânia Doutel Vaz. Since 2019, she has been working as a dance teacher at Forum Dança and also conducts workshops and creation laboratories, creating a space for experimentation and exchange for her artistic practice and research with other artists and interested individuals.  In addition to collaborations and partnerships, she is dedicated to the creation and circulation of her works Hidebehind (2018), Glimpse (2020), and Calor (2022), which are part of the Bestiário PINK trilogy. Her works has been presented at festivals such as Festival Cumplicidades (PT), Teatro do Bairro Alto (PT), Acker Stadt Palast (DE), Moderna Museet (SE), Bienal SESC de Dança (BR), Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporánea-FIDCU (UR), Museum of Modern Art – MAM-SP (BR), and Meteor Theater Festival (NO), among others.

Josefa Pereira