Cobertos pelo Céu is a collection of interactive installations and performances centred on the relationship between landscape and art, experience and poetic discourse. Conceived by choreographer and artist Gustavo Ciríaco, the project is driven by the curiosity of how the creation of space and experiences of landscape intersect in the poetic signature of Portuguese and Latin American artists of music, dance, sculpture, painting and performance.

Seduced by the way artists perceive and express the world through space, Ciríaco embarks on a voyage of discovery through the spatial poetics of these creators and their unique ways of being mirrors of the world.



Conception, direction and choreography
Gustavo Ciríaco

Guest artists and choreographers
Ana Laura Lozza (Ar), Barbara Hang (Ar), Cláudia Dias (Pt), Luciana Lara (Br), Javiera Peón-Veiga (Cl), Jonathan Ulliel Saldanha (Pt), João Saldanha (Br), João Gabriel Oliveira (Pt), Michelle Moura (Br) and Miguel Palma (Pt)

Missanga Antunes

Production director
Sinara Suzin

Fundição Progresso (Rio de Janeiro) and NAVE (Santiago)

Realised by
Efémera Colecção - Cultural Association

Institutional support
THIRD - Dance and Theatre Academy - Amsterdam University of the Arts

República Portuguesa – Cultura | DgARTES – Direção-Geral das Artes - Concurso Arte pela Democracia


Guest artist
Michelle Moura (Br)

Alina Folini (Ar), Bartosz Ostrowski (Pl), Filipe Caldeira (Pt), Gabriela Dória (Br), Giulia Romitelli (It), Mário Martins Fonseca (Pt), Tiago Amate (Br) and Carolina Cantelli (Br)

André Delhaye

Residency support
DEVIR – Centro de Artes Performativas do Algarve (Faro/Pt), 23 Milhas/Fabrica de Ideias (Gafanha de Nazaré/Pt), Cia Instável and Museu Fundação de Serralves (Porto/Pt), Espaço Novo Negócio/ZDB (Lisboa/Pt), Museu de Arte Moderna (Rio de Janeiro), NAVE (Santiago) and Espaço do Tempo - coproduction residency (Montemor-O-Novo)


Guest artist
Miguel Palma (Pt)

Artistic collaboration
Filipa Frois Almeida, Hugo Reis and António Lasalvia - Fahr 021.3 Studio de Arquitetura

Residency support
Vaga - Espaço de Arte e Educação (Ponta Delgada), O Espaço do Tempo - coproduction residency (Montemor-O-Novo)

© Sara Pinheiro

Gustavo Ciríaco is a Brazilian choreographer and transdisciplinary artist who moves between dance and the visual arts. With a site-specific character, his works foster dialogue between context and architecture, geography and dwelling, reality and fiction, in an ongoing research into the extensive fields of dance-making. His work has been presented in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia at festivals, museums and art institutions.

Gustavo Ciríaco