At the height of discothèque, Latin and black hearts, whole or broken, had in common the hopeful looping of seventies glamour. WE AT THE NIGHTCLUB SUFFER TOGETHER is a utopian and ghostly nightclub (or a bunker, because we are at war) for the dance of our ghost archives and empowerment of the survival tools of queer ancestry. An interactive and expanded theatrical gesture, based on a pick-up ticket, received in a nightclub in the 70's, to welcome suffering and update a beautiful future ahead.

Public Program

27 March, 19h30
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© José Caldeira
© José Caldeira


More information soon. 

© Bruna Buniotto

Utopian and queer Latin American superheroin who wants to save the world OR sex-symbol of the future (AKA SUPERPUTA) OR the future is fluid.

Diego Bragà