We inhabit a corrosive spiral of destruction. We observe the body in a simplistic way and chase the production of another body. This one is not good. We are contaminated by the current norm that only exists in the place of oppression. This body is no good. We wallow such excluded figures in the corral because nothing is ever enough. In this imagined scenario, iron tells its story in the body, harsh and violent, but there is excrement everywhere and we live in paradise.

UTOPIA, by Diana Niepce, is a durational performance sustained by the operation of a violent language developed around physical limits.


Artistic Direction/Creation
Diana Niepce

Ana de Oliveira e Silva, Diana Niepce, Inês Cóias, Tiago Barbosa e Tiago Mateus

Light Design
Carlos Ramos

Sound Design
Gonçalo Alegria

Franko B

Silvana Ivaldi

Alípio Padilha

Sign Languge Interpreter
to be defined

Production Assistant
Nuno Pratas

Terra Amarela

Alkantara, Biblioteca de Marvila – CML, O Espaço do Tempo

Teatro do Bairro Alto e Teatro Municipal do Porto – DDD 2024

© Alípio Padilha

Dancer, choreographer and writer, graduated from the School of Dance (ESD) and Erasmus at Helsinki Theater academy (Teak). She completed her studies with a Performing Arts Management and Production Course, at Forum Dança, Hatha-yoga teacher course and Master in Art and Communication at New university of lisbon (UNL). Creator of the pieces “Raw a Nude” (2019) with Mariana Tengner Barros, “12 979 Days” (2019), “Duet” (2020), “T4” (2020), “Anda, Diana” (2021) and “The other side” (2022). As a contemporary dancer and performer, she collaborated with Bail-Moderne with Company Rosas , Felix Ruckert, Willi Dorner, António Tagliarini, Daria Deflorian, La fura del baus, May Joseph, Sofia Varino, Miira Sippola, Jérome Bel, Ana Borralho and João Galante, Ana Rita Barata and Pedro Sena Nunes, Mariana Tengner Barros, Rui Catalão, Rafael Alvarez, Adam Benjamin, Diana de Sousa and Justyna Wielgus.

Published an article in the book “Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker in Lisbon” (ed. Egeac / INCM), the children’s short story “Bayadére” (ed. CNB), the poem “2014” in the magazine Flanzine, the article “Experimentar o corpo” in the performing arts journal Coreia, the book “Anda, Diana” (ed. Sistema Solar) and the short story “Broken and stinky, it’s the pebles.” to the Memorial Route of the Convent. Jury of the 2018 Acesso Cultura prize, official Jury of the International screen-dance festival Inshadow 2018 and Jury of the application NCED – Eu solidarity 2021.

Diana Niepce