We consider that having time for studying is a privileged moment that allows us to experimentat and reflect upon artistic practises. Our intent is that this experience creates a space for sharing, learning, meeting and research, beeing a possibilty for new connections and creating new ties.

In this programme we intend to plunge into some core principles that guide our artistical pratice: working on performativity skills and stage presence, the urgency and discipline in the act of artistic creation, the relationship between entertainment and reflection, composition and dramaturgy as central axes in the construction of a work and the crossing between different artistic disciplines. We will be present throughout the duration of the all programme and at the same time we will count with the cumplicity of a wide range of artists, that have influenced our paths, and who will contribute with new perspectives and that will enrich this experience.

The focus of the programme is in the process and in the encounters that it can create, with a view to creating a space where artistic relationships expand and influence our identity. To promote a creative experience in an expanded period of time that allows each person to consolidate their needs and discover new impulses that will feed each future artistic project. Without undermining the importance of (a) public performances and the sharing of one’s work, as an inherent and necessary gesture of artistic practice, we want to nurture a space of reflection and experimentation, to reconsider the way we see what we do and how we do it.

Collaboration is one of the fundamental foundations of our work, as such we also intend to propose different forms of artistic collaboration, defying the need for the individual signature in favour of the place of the “other”. The one that challenges us, confronts and compels us to look at things from a different point of view. We will also promote the circularity of roles inside of an artistical process by consciously beeing able to play different roles in it (dramaturg, assistant, performer, producer, etc).

A programme that lasts six months is inevitably a compact format. We believe that this will be a countainer of possibilities that will reveal some of them during the duration of the course, but as well to create a resonance that goes beyond that time. Sometimes experiences are not immediately digested and because of that our priority is to create a community of action and thinking, one that defies the finite time that this programme allows.


Artists PACAP 7
Aikaterini Giannouli, Beatriz Baião, Carlota Mantecón, Damien Najean, Frédéric Charpentier, Giulia Romitelli, Guillermina Gancio, Henri Kirsch, Jakob von Kietzell, Joana Duvet, Luna Anais, Mariia Byzova, Marina de Moraes, Maud Buckenmeyer, Minjin Lee, Renan Capivara and Sérgio Diogo Matias.

Artistic accompaniment
Miguel Pereira and Nuno Lucas

Forum Dança

Teatro do Bairro Alto

Co-production in Residency
O Espaço do Tempo

Alkantara, Casa da Dança – Almada, Fundação GDA, OPART, E.P.E/Estúdios Victor Córdon, O Rumo do Fumo, Piscina

Miguel Pereira © Fernanda Ruiz | Nuno Lucas © Rita França.

Cultural association created in 1990 with the mission of promoting contemporary dance through training, creation, research, publishing and documentation. It develops pedagogical projects, seminars, artistic residencies, informal presentations, workshops and regular classes aimed at professional and amateur audiences, adults and young people. Funded by the Ministry of Culture/General Directorate for the Arts and Lisbon City Council.

Curated by Miguel Pereira and Nuno Lucas (Forum Dança)