This piece is a search, a rescue, a scream, a rite that strikes the flesh, a stamping of the foot on the ground to lift the earth and wake up those who walk beneath it. An oceanic route, Calunga that cradles drowned memories.The tarot, a family oracle, is the device chosen to begin the rescue of a culture and its mythology, to recall a personal but also collective history and reanimate futures that are still buried. How many Roma people don't know their history?


André de Campos

Co-creation and Performance
Victória Bemfica

Sound Design
Diogo Melo

Light Design
André de Campos

Co-Production in Residency
O Espaço do Tempo

© André de Campos

Roma person. Degree in Art History and Dance. Performer in Companhia Olga Roriz. Worked with João Galante & Ana Borralho, Miguel Moreira, Bruno Alexandre, André Uerba, André E. Teodósio, Sylvia Rijmer, André Mesquita Teatro do MAR, WB Motion, Filipe Baptista, among others. Light Designer in performances of Beatriz Dias, Filipe Baptista, Helena Baronet, Diogo Melo, Violeta Luz and Gaya de Medeiros. Creator of UNDERDOG, and SAPO.

André de Campos