Looking back and concluding the investigative practice that has occupied Rogério Nuno Costa since 2015, in para-academic projects that co-exist at the intersections between art, science, philosophy and pop culture, Multiversidade proposes the production, presentation and problematization of a speculative and post-fictional speech that aims to predict the future of the University through the queer exercise of failure/lack, presented as a device of resistance to hegemonic models of production and sharing of knowledge. In 2021, the wealth of information (essentially textual) gathered in several experimental laboratories and working groups, is condensed into a retrospective lecture-performance presented as an academic thesis (or its infinite abstract). Elaborating and re-imagining utopian alternatives to contemporary academia, the performance confronts the über-liberal narrative of excellence and rankings, and the statuos quo of post-truth, massification and hyper-specialization, with the possibility of a university without "building", dematerialized and undisciplined. Not a university of many, rather a university of multiples. Weaving metaphysical, para-scientific, pseudo-scientific and anti-scientific, the text fables several (radical) pedagogical heterotopias based on the theatricalization of a thesis-as-performance and its impossible defense. 

An expanded and corrected version, prepared and presented at O Espaço do Tempo in June 2024, will integrate new contributions gathered over the last three years, discussing with what means, modes, methods and operations we can/want to build a meta-school (or a school without school) on shaky ground. This presentation will inaugurate a new development for the Multiversidade project (year 4 - post production), enunciating/announcing the possibility of a nomadic academy, more or less peripheral, more or less precarious, and listing and experimenting with ex-titutional modes of transmission of knowledge. The results will be developed and concluded in the context of the 10th edition of Circular - Festival de Artes Performativas at Vila do Conde, in September 2024. 

22 June, 19h30

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› 70min.

Free entry upon reservation via text to [+351] 913 699 891 or to info[a]


Script, Performance, Curation and Editorial Coordination
Rogério Nuno Costa

Sound Art and Graphic Design 
Jani Nummela

Stage Photography
Alípio Padilha

© Luisa Cativo

Rogério Nuno Costa (1978) is a performer, theatre director, writer, researcher, pedagogue and curator. He lives and works between Portugal and Finland, developing para-artistic and documentary work of a hybrid and cross-disciplinary nature. His pieces explore and problematize the fields of performing arts and literature at their intersections with philosophy, art theory and social and communication sciences. He collaborates with several artists as dramaturg and editorial coordinator.

Rogério Nuno Costa