What is it to be a citizen? To “belong” to a land e only have the right to exercise your citizenship there? Where is “my” land? And “yours”, where is it? Who or what has the power to define where someone’s land is? Is it possible to locate the beginning of any story?

Volta para a Tua Terrra (Go back to where you came from) is a project created by Keli Freitas, a brazilian playwright, director and actress living in Portugal, in which, on the search for her portuguese great-grandmother, she questions the ideas of immigration and belongingness.

1 June, 21h30

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› 90 min.
› 12 years old

Free entry upon reservation via text to [+351] 913 699 891 or to info[a]


Creation and Script
Keli Freitas

Ana Gigi, Keli Freitas

Creative support
Atena Barbosa

Dramaturgy support and Musical Direction
Mariana Ricardo

Scenography and costume design
Elsa Romero & Manu Curtis

Light Design
Ariene Godoy

Production Manager
Sofia Estriga

Além Mundus - Ass. Cultural

Co-production residency
O Espaço do Tempo and A Oficina

O Espaço do Tempo, A Oficina and Cineteatro Louletano, as part of the artistic creation support program Projecto CASA.

© Pri Maria

Keli Freitas (1983, Brazil) is a playwright, creator and actress. Among her creations are "Osmarina Pernambuco não consegue esquecer" (2019), "Adicionar um lugar ausente" (2020), "fábrica de matar baleia" (PANOS, 2022) and "Outra Língua" (2022). Playwright of "BAqUE", with Gaya de Medeiros (2022). Playwright of "Es tr3s irms", with Tita Maravilha (2023). A collector of correspondence from anonymous people, she is dedicated to developing authorial works based on so-called ordinary writings.

Keli Freitas