"Corre, bebé!", by Ary Zara and Gaya de Medeiros, wins the 7th edition of the Amélia Rey Colaço Grants

June 7th, 2024

Corre, bebé!, by Ary Zara and Gaya de Medeiros, is the winning project of the 7th edition of the Amélia Rey Colaço Grants, an initiative promoted by Teatro Nacional D. Maria II (Lisboa), A Oficina / Centro Cultural Vila Flor (Guimarães), O Espaço do Tempo (Montemor-o-Novo), and Teatro Viriato (Viseu) that supports the production of pieces by young artists and emerging artistic structures. 

Ary Zara stands out as a screenwriter and filmmaker. His short-film Um Caroço de Abacate was part of the shortlist for the Oscar in Best Short-Film in Real Image. He his a part of the BRABA collective as a co-creator and a performer in the pieces Atlas da Boca and BAqUE. He is also the artistic director of Queer Art Lab. 

Gaya de Medeiros is an actress, dancer, producer and creator. Since her arrival in Portugal, she's created Atlas de Boca, BAqUE and Pai para jantar, all of which were staged in several places in the world. She founded BRABA to promote actions led by trans and non-binary people. Her research focuses on the expansion of autobiographical narratives and the tension between the body, the word and the audience. 

Corre, bebé! is a multidisciplinary project between performance and cinema. On stage, we will have Ary Zara and Gaya de Medeiros for a performance that will last an hour, which will later be converted to a short-film of 15 minutes, produced by Rita Quelhas. This short film focuses on a trans woman and trans men around the problematics surrounding having a baby and parenthood. 

The award for the winning project of the Amélia Rey Colaço Grants has a financial value of 24.000€, as well as access to several artistic residencies and the possibility of presenting the show in the four partner theaters. There was a total of 61 projects received for this edition, which were submitted to the appreciation of the jury that later pre-selected seven projects for an interview, and then chose the winning project. The members of the jury were: Pedro Penim (Artistic Director of TNDM), Sofia Campos (Board of Directors of TNDM), Pedro Barreiro (Artistic Director of O Espaço do Tempo), Patrícia Carvalho (Executive Director of O Espaço do Tempo, Rui Torrinha (Artistic Director of CCVF), Marta Silva (Education and Cultural Mediation - A Oficina), Henrique Amoedo (Artistic Director of Teatro Viriato) and Carla Augusto (Direction of CAEV). 

Created in 2018, in honor of the pionerring role of actresss and director Amélia Rey Colaço in the history of Theater in Portugal, the Amélia Rey Colaço Grants, awarded annually, is meant to support young artists and emerging artistic structures, contributing to an increase in their access to resources fundamental production areas and research space, allowing them to consolidate their body of work.

In the six following years, this grant has supported the creation of six pieces created by young artists: Parlamento Elefante, by Eduardo Molina, João Pedro Leal and Marco Mendonça (2018), Aurora Negra, by Cleo Diára, Isabél Zuaa and Nádia Yracema (2019), Ainda Estou Aqui, by Tiago Lima (2020), Another Rose, by Sofia Santos Silva, 3s Tr3s Irm3s, by Tita Maravilha (2022), and Popular, by Sara Inês Gigante, which will premiere at Centro Cultural Vila Flor, in Guimarães, and later presented in Viseu, on June 14th, at Teatro Viriato, and again in Lisbon from June 20th to the 30th at Teatro Meridional.