Grants & Coproductions

The Creation Grants program by O Espaço do Tempo, with the support of BPI and Fundação "la Caixa", seek to create a stimulus to the artistic creation in dance, theater, performance and disciplinary crossovers. 

ET / BPI / la Caixa Grants

Projecto CASA is a program that supports artistic creation within the performing arts scene, and it's an initiative by O Espaço do Tempo, Cineteatro Louletano and Centro Cultural Vila Flor. This program is made up of two long-term residencies, as well as the respective previews, premieres and subsequent presentation.

Projecto Casa

FELD/LAB is a project created by O Espaço do Tempo, financed by the Goethe-Institut in Portugal and in partnership with Coffeepaste. It promotes an exchange between artists in Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal and in Germany.


O Espaço do Tempo, with Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, A Oficina and Teatro Viriato, have been awarding the Amélia Rey Colaço Grants since 2018, seeking to support the production of pieces by young artists and emerging artistic structures.

Amélia Rey Colaço Grants

Research and investigation are fundamental to innovation and renewal in the artistic sector. Given the lack of support in this area, and in line with the mission of valuing young people in the professional world of theater, the Antecipar o Futuro project was born, a residency program with the aim of supporting the development of research projects by young artists.

Antecipar o Futuro

Sementeira, the New Creations Grant for Alentejo, is an initiative promoted by Antípoda A.C., in co-production with O Espaço do Tempo and in partnership with Alma d'Arame, Pó de Vir a Ser, Pé de Xumbo and FUTURAMA, as well as the municipalities of Évora, Viana do Alentejo, Estremoz, Mértola and Serpa.


YEP - Young Emerging Performers, a partnership between O Espaço do Tempo and Rua das Gaivotas6/Teatro Praga. It aims to contribute and support projects by young artists in the performing arts, promoting decentralization and the mobility of artists and proposals.