Aerites Dance Company

01 AGO 2016 a 31 AGO 2016

The city, the body and its memories, the dwellings and their ghosts, become the company’s raw material. At the same time their members search for the marks (in place and time), where their bodies and their personal references ‘encounter’ the city. Since the days of the Surrealist movement in particular, but in world art as well since the 20th century (literature, cinema, comics, painting, music, architecture) the narrations of the flaneurs, the wanderers and the emigrants, the journeys, the transgressions, the deviations, the inscriptions and happenings, which affect the body of the city, provide the most vibrant substrate for art to flourish. Nowadays as the old urban
centers undergo rapid changes (gentrification, creation of ghetto, reclaiming of unused areas) new interpretations and practices are formed in the field of culture. Street art is not an alternative aspect of art anymore, but political intervention, social choice, a plan for a different coexistence. Exhibitions, conferences, books, worldwide studies explore nowadays the constantly upcoming phenomenon of Urbanism, especially with the pressure the immigration issue and the environmental agenda put.

Aerites Dance Company wants to carry this new and unsorted rhythm on the platform of old and extremely current searches, from the street it originates from and transmutes, to the chambers where it is isolated and fermented.

In the big melting pot of the modern cities, the next reaction of the otherwise sidelined numbers is burning, while simultaneously the next original expression is being cooked. The one, which the whole western civilization is anxiously waiting to see, in order to eventually claim it as its own, embrace it, develop it and integrate it in its art.