New piece

Dani Brown

Convento da Saudação
14 JUN 2016 a 06 JUL 2016

Dani Brown (USA), Frida Giulia Franceschini (Italy) and Viktoria Andersson (Sweden) are three dance artists with vibrant artistic practices and a history of exchanging together around movement research, music and performance. Collectively they are interested in sensuality, intimacy, subverting pop aesthetics, power, magic, the unknown and the potential of Live Art today. 
The three are grateful to have been awarded an extensive non-product oriented residency (their 2nd) at O’Espacio do Tempo, where they will put an emphasis on discursive and practical research so that forms of material and potential products can be formulated directly from their investigations (opposed to organizing a process toward a particular, or pre-defined product / goal). They take the opportunity to invite chosen artists to instigate and support this proposal including Justin F. Kennedy (USA, Sound + Performance), Davide Stampini (Italy, Sound), Lisa Stewart (Australia, Sound, Performance and Visual Art), Ruairi O’Donovan (Ireland, Performance) and Max Hemmersdorfer (performance).
This particular method of instigating artistic research, namely without the pressure of production includes their interest in performance, installation, unconventional lectures, concerts, works for video, cosmic rituals, proposals for vocal research, text, durational proposals and dancing like hell.