Ludvig Daae & Joanna Nordahl

Convento da Saudação
28 JUN 2016 a 06 JUL 2016

In "HYPERFRUIT" Joanna and Ludvig will continue the research from their previous performance, "MM"; what is the difference between communicating physically compared to digitally, measured in emotional impact. All online communication means a distance, a filter if you like. The most obvious reason being the dependency of a physical tool or machine. The communication may be "live", but then always filtered through something non-organic. Joanna and Ludvig will be live on stage, live on film and recorded on film. These different versions of them all communicate with each other and the audience, expanding the physical and spatial limitations. "HYPERFRUIT" never shows the internet – "HYPERFRUIT" is the internet as a world or essence. An emotional longing for closeness and intimacy is present throughout the performance, and the communicative obstructions challenge the relationship between both Joanna and Ludvig, and between them and the audience.

About the residency in Montemor: 

Ludvig and Joanna will split their time, and work half the day together, and half the day seperately. Together, they will explore and work on the continuation of their collaborative work. After MM and now HYPERFRUIT, they're already thinking about the next work they would do together, a piece with the working title "MM3". The work will of course deal with the meeting point between their two art forms, dance and film, and their obsession with popular culture will also be present. And of course they will continue their constant work with presenting "different times" on stage and researching what is considered live and not, playing with intimacy and distance and "real" vs "fake".