Vincent Roumagnac / Simo Kellokumpu

Convento da Saudação
17 MAI 2016 a 31 MAI 2016

Vincent Roumagnac
Backdrop (Fundo de palco)

Backdrop (Fundo de palco) is expanding the small performative piece Black Matters that I proposed while I was residing in July 2015 at O Espaço do Tempo. Hence Backdrop (Fundo de palco) intends to keep on exploring in situ the interactions in between the place and time of the residency and my ongoing artistic research on heterochronic theatre. The focus of the experimentation is the question of what kind of alternative theatrical practice is generated from the agential permutation between the skene (the « backstage ») and the proscenium (the « stage ») on the brink of ecological collapse.

Simo Kellokumpu
A Dance-mat

A dance-studio is a place, which is considered as one of the places where a choreographer works. The focus of my residency -project is in one particular material object often used in the dance-studios and stages: a dance mat.
A dance mat offers a techno-industrial plane, which rubs off and erases the characteristics of the surface beneath it attempting to homogenize the surface of the space. It offers a feeling of safety and it is an ideal plane to work. It separates the bodies above the messy and noisy ground. The dance-mat offers an apparent neutralized and atemporal topography in which the body is put, thrown and positioned on. Literally, the sensuous body is rubbed against a dance-mat. It is also a by-product of oil.