“A voice of our common madness”

Jolanda Löllmann

Convento da Saudação
16 MAI 2016 a 22 MAI 2016

Research extension "A voice of our common madness"/ New creation
After the creation of " A Voice of Our Common Madness", a solo performance blending contemporary dance, acrobatics and physical theatre, Jolanda Löllmann continues and extents her exploration of the physical dialogue between object manipulation, sound design and contemporary dance. For this she invites 3 multidisciplinary artists to take part in this research.
Coming from different backgrounds such as dance, circus, sound design, music and puppetry they focus on the exploration of a surreal universe, where objects as well as human beings transform into unique characters.

Artistic direction: Jolanda Löllmann
With: Charlie Denat, Melodie Gonzales, Francois-Xavier Loucheur