Björn Säfsten & Per Nilsson

O Espaço do Tempo
22 SET 2015 a 27 SET 2015

Björn Säfsten is a Swedish choreographer based in Stockholm. He created his first work "The adaption" in 2006 and has since continued to create choreo- graphic concepts in various contexts. Together with a close-knit team he creates, writes, documents, talks, teaches and develops his practice through Säfsten Produktion and through commissions.

Focusing on the examination of movement as an ambivalent language and constructing methods for each new artistic endeavor, Björn Säfsten shines new light on the human body in a context of movement. His work focuses on the borders that divide gesture and movement and how fiction and identity are pro- duced in choreography.

Between 2011 and 2015, Björn Säfsten is connected as a researcher at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts in a joint project with philosopher Per Nilsson. His latest creations are "Fictional copies" (2013) and "Introduc- tion" (2012) as well as "...AND..." (2013), a commis- sion for Skånes Dansteater. He is also developing a performance lecture series, "Choreographic Cuts & Talking Thoughts", which had a first showing at Is- tanbul Theater Festival in May 2014. He is currently preparing "Idiots", opening at and in co-produc-

tion with MDT in Stockholm October 2014. In 2016 Björn Säfsten will premiere a new work, "Babel".

Björn Säfsten ́s avid interest in communication and teaching has led him to develop a number of work- shops through his practice. He has, for example, developed different methods for workshops for amateurs and non-professional dancers. In the fall of 2014, Björn holds a residency at Movement Research in New York through the Arts Grants Com- mittee in Stockholm, for a continuous development of his practice. A symposium in Stockholm 2015 is under planning.