Lucy Suggate

Lucy Suggate

Convento da Saudação | Montemor-o-Novo
09 JUL 2015 a 16 JUL 2015

The research will be based on the following statement:

"I can’t quite believe that dance has "exhausted" itself and Choreography is In the process of divorcing Dance, preferring the company of Visual Art. What is the sate of Dance and Choreography in 2015? Do we need to place them into conflict resolution? Does anybody even care? Or is it all part of the natural evolution, How do independent artists play a role in this choreographic expansion or are there larger, more inevitable agents at play?" ( Lucy Suggate)

Having collected a Series of perplexing questions and curiosities along the way it is now time to attempt to find some answers, or more realistically find more questions.

"How will I dance when I’m dead or old or dying?"

How many steps are in a marathon? What constitutes a step? Can the body write? What happens when artist re vision theatres, what would we build? Can dance and choreography help support an aging population?

Using a body, a table, or many tables, questions placed in the middle of tables, a room, a modular synth, chaos theorem and the concept of a Marathon. We will attempt to locate some sense, no matter how fleeting.

If possible or appropriate we would like to informally share are work with the local community.


Dancer/ Choreographer | Lucy Suggate

Dramaturge observer, writer and all round Cynic | Bush Hartshorn

Musician | James Holden