A Deriva dos Olhos

Bruno Senune

Convento da Saudação
28 AGO 2017 a 03 SET 2017

The Drift of the Eyes is a poetic construction about chaos, impotence, the destruction of desire, the extreme tiredness and the path travelled until a possible metamorphosis that allows survival. The search of ways to metamorphose the body , the perception of itself and what characterizes it as a metaphor for other possibilities of understanding the body while an imagetic motor of identity. The exposure of fragility and of a survival narrative, the sadness that is celebrated, the change that is needed to keep on going through life, the constant limbo between balance and fall, the relief through the anxiety of impossibility. Text by Telma João Santos

Conception & Interpretation: Bruno Senune
Sound Design: Flávio Rodrigues
Light Design & Technique: Zeca Iglésias
Texts & Documentation: Telma João Santos
Costume: Carlota Lagido
Stage Prop: Bruno Senune & Bernardino Santos (Joinery) Mask: Susana Chiocca
Scenario: Bruno Senune with the collaboration of Flávio Rodrigues
Promocional Photography: Flávio Rodrigues & Cristina Marques (Lettering)
Photographic Documentation: Tiago Aguiart
Video: Daniel Pinheiro 

Residências | Balleteatro, Circular Festival de Artes Performativas, O Espaço do Tempo Cedência de Espaço | NOME EIRA

Co-produção | Circular Festival de Artes Performativas Apoio | Bolsa Jovens Criadores 2016 - Centro Nacional de Cultura / Instituto Português do Desporto e Juventude