Nova Criação

Filipe Pereira e Teresa Silva

Convento da Saudação
14 AGO 2017 a 10 SET 2017

We began this New Creation by creating an archive, trusting that if we captured what we had done, we could look to what has already happened. Like this, and trying not to lose the thread, we looked for clues that would inform us about what we could build onwards. At each new dance, we film and we project in the background wall the recording of the previous one. From here, we developed a scenic devise that is the materialization of the movement from the now to the past and to the future. A mise en abyme or a temporal tunnel that allows to see what repeats and what varies, revealing the path of this piece’s construction.
The curious thing is that we exaggerate, by being enthusiastic responding to the process. The more we record, the more we replicate ourselves and the more we multiply ourselves, risking to intermingle what is image and what is reality. To film is to try to survive, but it is also to show a death. From this, emerges the need of constant reformulation, because we always need to continue. Don’t we?

Artistic direction, performance, set design and costumes: Filipe Pereira and Teresa Silva
Technical direction and light design: Frederico Godinho
Sound design: Rui Dâmaso
Artistic support in November's 2015 residency: Sabine Macher
Acknowledgments: David Cabecinha, Horta Seca and O Espaço do Tempo.

Residency Support: Anda&Fala Associação Cultural, Devir/CAPa, Materiais Diversos/Centro Cultural do Cartaxo, Centro Cultural da Gafanha da Nazaré, O Espaço do Tempo and Escola Superior de Dança. Co-production: Teatro Maria Matos/Festival Temps d’Images Lisboa Creation Support: Circular Associação Cultural and Materiais Diversos