Catarina Caetano e Nuno Borda de Água

11 MAR 2017 16:00

What's the sound of a tuneless heart? Have you ever broke a heart? Does a frozen heart melt? Emília knows it. When it comes to hearts, Emília knows it all, Emília gets it all, it a family thing. And since she was a little girl, she has been keeping the secrets of the hearts of others inside her own. Emília has a craft, wich she cherishes and she's very proud of: she takes care of hearts. No, she's not a cardiologist! Reparing hearts is much more about art then it is about science, at least in the workshop of the family Paixão – where we fix you heart!


Created by: Catarina Caetano e Nuno Borda de Água
Production: Projecto Ruínas
Video: Rodolfo Pimenta
Graphic Design: Susana Marques
Creative Support: Alexandra Gonçalves e Lara Silva
Special Thanks: Miguel Rocha, Céu Rato, Hugo Sovelas, André, Madalena, Alice, Leonor and masters of the City Hall's carpentry


Support: Financial support by_ Município de Montemor-o-Novo | SEC - Direcção Geral das Artes Supported by_ Projecto M | Oficinas do Convento Associated structure_ O Espaço do Tempo