Os Mal Sentidos (The Wrong Felt)

Andresa Soares, Matthieu Ehrlacher, Gonçalo Alegria

Convento da Saudação
29 FEV 2016 21:00

OS MAL SENTIDOS [THE WRONG FELT] works on multiple levels of translation and displacement of reality meanings to intricate the reading of current events in a tragicomedy of the Present. What could be the myth construction process of today? Myth is constructed through the reproduction of narratives, which become collective by their repetition. Today, we associate that construction to the work of media, although we know that, while accessing the information we don't perceive it as mythological narrative but factual. The way information is transmitted reflects what is believed to be the articulation of contemporary thought. The words we use (or that become current) reveal our beliefs and the world we
articulate. In a game of mirrors are created multiple devices that deploy the reality of presentation space (audience, performers, language, translation, movement) into "now" and "Present representation". This creates a dramaturgical confusion, reflecting the way we perceive and translate current events. Here, two people are subject to language as a weapon.

She approached him and, barely being able to look him in the eyes, told him:
He looks at her with compliance and even a slight smile.

SHE: I know. ONE IN FIVE shall say the same ...
The atmosphere in the room was tense, as though long ago no door or window had been
opened. They felt they were breading the same air from five years ago and that, because they
were breading it, it was no longer the same air from five years ago.

Artistic direction and performance Andresa Soares
Cocreation and performance Matthieu Ehrlacher
Cocreation, sound composition and light design Gonçalo Alegria
Technical support Daniela Silvestre
Costumes Tânia Afonso
Photograph Joana Linda
Graphic design Helena Nogueira-Silva
Production and communication Marta Rema
Coproduction Nome Eira/Festival Cumplicidades
Financial management Sumo – Associação de Difusão Cultural
Artistic residencies DevirCAPA, O Espaço do Tempo
Support Academia Naré Fighters
Financial support Fundação GDA

Acknowledgements João Naré, O Rumo do Fumo, Teatro do Bairro

Project financed by Secretaria de Estado da Cultura, Governo de Portugal/Direcção
Geral das Artes.