Ensaio para uma cartografia (ou os sete pecados )

Mónica Calle

BlackBox d'O Espaço do Tempo
13 FEV 2016 21:30

Seven different performances in seven differents regions of Portugal, asking the question of whether it is
possible to think a Country through Artistic practice and thus creating an alternative cartography. This project will happen throughout 2015 and 2016 in Lisbon, Oporto, coimbra, Montemor-o-Novo, Madeira, Açores. Its first presentation was in the Algarve, in the cine- theatre Louletano, within Verão Azul Festival. This performance follows the serie of shows performed in 2014 ( zonas não vigiadas), which attempted to draw an alternative cartography of the city of Lisbon, suportes by different theatre companies formo different areas of the city.