The Art of Violin Playing

Neither Nor

Espaço do Tempo/Celeiro
29 AGO 2015 19:00

The Art of Violin Playing is a music-theatre piece for 2 violinists, 2 dancers, 4 robotic arms, vocalist, electronics + additional performers.

Yaniv Cohen (movement/performer)
Alec Hall (violin/performer)
Guido Henneboehl (electronics)
Alwynne Pritchard (voice/performer, concept, direction, choreography and sound)
Aline Sánchez (movement/performer)
Lisa Simpson (costumes)
Thorolf Thuestad (electronics, kinetics, sound and computing)
Susanne Zapf (violin/performer)

A work-in-progress performance of The Art of Violin Playing will be given at o espaço do tempo on August the 29th and again at Cornerteatret, Bergen, on September the 9th.

Commissioned by Susanne Zapf with funds from the Norsk komponistforening, with additional support from Bergen kommune, Fond for utøvende kunstnere, Music Norway and the Harry and Alice Eiler Foundation, BEK (Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts) and Bergen Dansesenter.

The Art of Violin Playing is produced by Neither Nor, a Bergen-based music-theatre company led by Thorolf Thuestad and Alwynne Pritchard. Working from the premise of music as a cognitive process, a way of thinking, the company addresses means of making music-driven theatre, investigating causal relationships between music, language, the human body, stage action, mechanics, kinetics, electronics and environment.

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