PT.15 Portuguese Platform for Performing Arts

O Espaço do Tempo

Convento da Saudação, BlackBox, Sociedade Carlista, Convento de São Domingos, Cine-Teatro Curvo Semdo
03 JUN 2015 16:30

During 5 days, from 3 to 6 of June, the Portuguese Platform will present 18 works in the field of contemporary dance, theatre and performance. It will take place in Montemor-o-Novo, 90km South of Lisbon, and it is organized by O Espaço do Tempo.

Nine curators selected the pieces representing some of the most interesting and innovative works, created during the last 2 years in the performing arts scene.

The artists range from emerging to more established, and the focus will be on experimental and innovative discourses.



Against all odds, and despite the crisis that our society has been going through, Portuguese artists have managed to defy the moment and steer a course of exciting new works and constant innovation. Contemporary dance, new theatre and performance are, today, some of the richest creative areas of our artistic fields. The Portuguese Platform for Performing Arts, in it's 4th edition, is a vibrant collection of inspiring works, ready to be discovered, in an unique moment of gathering between artists, promoters and audience. Welcome to Montemor!

Rui Horta, Artistic Director O Espaço do Tempo


We wish PT15 to be a road into the world of Portuguese performing arts. Our multilayered vision that composed this program is the first stop.
The next is yours.
António Câmara, Artistic irector DuplaCena


The Portuguese Platform for Performing Arts, based in the unique territory of Montemor-o-Novo, forsees and provides the encounter and the discovery of artists and works, representing the latest creations in performing arts in Portugal. I believe the programming in 2015 is based on these  principles and in the promotion of the internationalization of our  heritage and it's symbolic, cultural and social value.
Cristina Grande, Programadora de Dança e Performance da Fundação de Serralves


There is amazing work to be seen in this year's showcase, and I am thrilled to have been a part of the group of curators who were spoilt for choice in selecting these performances through strenuous and open
discussion. There are outstanding examples of what is going on in the Portuguese performing arts scene right now.
Francisco Frazão, Programador de Teatro, Culturgest


The artists and works presented in PT.15 are highly representative of the character of the Portuguese contemporary performing arts scene: daring; innovative; collaborative; generous.
Gil Mendo, Programador de Dança, Culturgest, Lisboa


There is something unique that has always characterized the arts in Portugal, especially the dance at it's beginning, thirty years ago, and it continues to be like that. None of the proposal is equal to another and no speech is repeated, there is no movement to identify, but yes, rather several. What we can see is a huge diversity created by the strong identities of artists. This platform is only the tip of the iceberg .....
Paulo Ribeiro, Director Artístico Teatro Viriato, Viseu


The program presented on PT15 Platform, allows the encounter with artists whose work reflects the Portuguese performing arts in its most vibrant and creative dimension. Artists with a strong critical vision on major local and global challenges of our time.
Thomas Walgrave, Director Artístico Alkântara

PT.15 states the actual vitality of Portuguese Performing Artes. During the last two years we could discover new artist and confirm the persistence and talent of a lot more. All the choosen works are unique and represent a wide range of different approaches which gives us a great insight in the recent artistic panorama. It´s a fact that Portuguese artist are special and I´m sure this 5 days will be a inspiring expiroence for our guests.

Tiago Guedes, Director Teatro Municipal do Porto . Campo Alegre . Rivoli



Wednesday 3 Junho
16h30m Sociedade Carlista Satelites Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz;
18h30m Convento de São Domingos What Remains of What Has PassedFilipe Pereira & Teresa Silva;
21h30m Cine-Teatro Curvo Semedo Hamlet mala voadora


Thursay 4 Junho
11h30m Blackbox Thunderstorm Luís Guerra;
11h30m Convento da Saudação The Grand Ilusion Sofia Dinger;
15h00m Convento da Saudação Artist's Presentation João Bento, Plataforma 285, Urândia Aragão
16h30m Sociedade Carlista Shark * The Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge Catarina Miranda & Jonathan Uliel Saldanha;
18h30m Convento de São Domingos hu(r)mano Marco da Silva Ferreira
21h30m; Cine-Teatro Curvo Semedo Weaving Chaos Tânia Carvalho

Friday 5 Junho
14h45m BlackBox Pastiche Luíz Antunes & Sérgio Diogo Matias;
16h15m Sociedade Carlista Anthony and Cleopatra Tiago Rodrigues;
18h15m Convento de São Domingos Continued Project (2015) João dos Santos Martins;
21h30m Cine-Teatro Curvo Semedo Theorem John Romão;
23h30m Convento da Saudação Enciclopedia X Cão Solteiro & Afonso Cruz

Saturday 6 Junho
11h30m Blackbox songs n' comments Rui Catalão;
16h30m Sociedade Carlista Arrastão e Matilda Carlota Jonas Lopes&Lander Patrick;
21h30m Cine-Teatro Curvo Semedo Tear Gas Teatro Praga

Domingo 7 de Junho
11h30m BlackBox Of Ivory and Flesh - statues also suffer Marlene Monteiro Freitas



O Espaço do Tempo

Artistic Direction: Rui Horta
Artistic Coordenation and Assistant : Pia Krämer
Production Director: Ana Carina Paulino
Technical Director: Tiago Coelho
Executive Production: Susana Picanço, Bernardo Xavier, Maria Ana Sousa, Jackson Lima
Technical Support: Cristovão Cunha, Fernando Mendes, Hugo Serrador, Ivan Basílio, João Luís Teodósio, João Nunes, Luís Bombico, Manuel Chambel, Pedro Bilou, Pedro Fonseca, Pedro Porto, Yoann Crochet
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