Whole and in pieces

Filipa Rodriguez and João Franck

Convento da Saudação | Montemor-o-Novo
29 NOV 2014 18:00

"Whole and in pieces" is an art exhibit merging the disciplines of contemporary dance and visual art. Filipa Rodriguez (ballerina) and Joao Franck (visual artist) work together to discover how each can intervene in each other’s creative universe.

The theme of the exhibit revolves around consciousness; where society is the "whole" and each one of us are " in pieces" both as a single person and our individual thoughts. Sayings have become very thing we have become, sayings. No longer is there the concern about "me", and Man tends to manifest himself as the winner of the battle, becoming an eternal fighter who talks, screams, walks, runs...Thus a future focused conscience is born, a need for change, because in the absence of harmony that which is imposed must be questioned.

"Questions and answers regarding the consciousness interrogative which in fact is not consciousness because the real consciousness is dead, ours is formed by others, those to whom we pay to live. Each being is special and unique; however we all share the same sky. Knowing and admitting that what I know is nothing, and that from nothing arises the consciousness of everything, i enter, think, speak, do, pray, cry, laugh, explore my, surroundings, fill the air; and overcome by the drops of sweat from my search of meaning, I show my appreciation and leave.

See you soon "

Filipa Rodriguez







Filipa Rodriguez. 28 years old, originally from Faro, she begins her dance studies at the young age of 5 in the Regional Conservatory of the Algarve (Faro), where she is a part of a number of dance recitals. In 2004 she won a place at the Superior School of Dance (Lisbon) and graduates in 2007. She has since performed in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar of Felipe la Feria, in 2008-2009. During 2009/10 she lectured creative dance and was a ballerina in the contemporary dance company Laura Alvarez, in Barcelona. In 2012 she completes her masters degree which she started in 2010, specializing in contemporary choreography, with her original dance piece "Bonum Cursum, ate ja!" .She now teaches classical and contemporary ballet in the Lethes Theatre, where she both produces and .performs


Joao Franck, born on the 24/10/1984 in Faro, splits his time between Faro and Lisbon. He graduated secondary school in Faro, specializing in Design and Communication. He then continued his higher education studies in Lisbon at the Technical School of Image and Communication (ETIC), focusing on the subjects of Multimedia Design, Maya – 3d modeling, Motion Graphics and Illustration Techniques. He worked with WHO-creative talents agency during 2006 and 2007; has participated in numerous art expositions (both collectively and on his own) and competitions, winning many awards. He now works as an illustrator for many different projects.